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Titel: 4088rb + z21 help
Bericht door: PrinzEugen op 22 november 2018, 10:07:52
I have DR4088RB - CS which I purchased a year ago. Before putting a module on a final layout I wanted to carry out some test. I have z21 with wi-fi and everything worked at the time of purchasing the module. However, now I have no connection via r-bus with z21 (only flashing green led and red led for occupancy working 1-8 ports, for 9-16 I could not manage to put in operating mode). Nevertheless, yellow diode does not show, it blinks for a second from time to time. In Rocco app and other software (ITrain, RocRail) sensors do not send signal to z21. Firmware for z21 is 1.30 and I tried multiple times via programming button to establish connection with z21 but yellow diode does not appear at all.
Is there a way to do a hard reset this module and what the procedure may be?
Or perhaps I am dealing with an faulty module? If there is a way to hard reset a module? Please advise and help because my layout depends on it.

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